CEHRDC Phase 2


  • Vertical Mobile Cultivation Racks

  • ·Compacted workspace to increase planting area and increase yield
  • ·Equipped with a remote control system, to monitor and manage various environmental parameters
  • ·Remote control system (light, fan, water pump)
  • ·Environmental monitoring system (temperature, humidity, water volume, water flow, electrical conductivity, light intensity)


  • Mobile Tomato Cultivation Rack

  • ·tall/vine crops
  • · Planting test with cherry tomato
  • ·Double in plant density and yield
  • · Remote Environmental Control System


  • Modular Automatic Seeding Robotic Arm

  • ·High accuracy
  • ·Save a lot of time-consuming repetitive work
  • ·Manpower saving
  • ·Interchangeable seed cartridges design corresponds to different seed sizes


  • Logistic Robot for Hydroponics

  • ·Responsible for the transportation between the sowing area, seedling area, planting area and harvesting area
  • · Control daily production by task scheduling
  • · AI automatically helps assign jobs to different robots


  • Aeroponic Cultivation Rack

  • ·A more water-efficient, light in weight and easy-to-assemble hydroponic system, which can meet the needs of urban development
  • · Indoor growing methods for developing rhizome crops
  • ·Rotary Design
  • · Use fewer grow lights and electricity saving
  • · Can produce more than 100 vegetables per square meter (similar to the current multi-layer hydroponic system)




  • ·提供經營室內全環控水耕農場的專業知識、實踐經驗,為業界培育新血
  • ·推動農業生產的科技應用,促進知識轉移,使本地蔬菜生產模式多元化,從而提升業界的競爭力


  • ·有興趣投身本地水耕農業的投資者、初創農友或本地專上學生



  • ·每期4人
  • ·爲期3個星期,每星期兩節,每節約2.5小時,共15小時


  • ·水耕種植及農場管理理論
  • ·水耕種植基本理論
  • ·良好水耕種植操作
  • ·日常農場經營管理


  • ·葉菜
  • ·蔬果
  • ·食用花


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