Product Features

Locally grown

    Baby leaf is locally produced and distributed. Freshness is guaranteed.  


    Good for immediate consumption. Washing is not necessary.  

Never on pesticides

    Pesticide-free production assures no pesticide residues.  

No contamination

    Baby leaf is produced in an enclosed and clean environment. Water is treated and purified to prevent contamination.  

High nutritional value

    Baby leaf contains rich vitamins and minerals.  


Crispy, high calcium
Mildly spicy with sesame flavor,
rich in beta-carotene
    Oak Leaf Lettuce
Nutlet flavor, high calcium
  Red Asian Mustard
Crispy, slightly spicy with peanut flavor, high magnesium
    Chinese Flat Cabbage
Taste like cabbage, rich in beta-carotene
  New Taste        
    Broccoli Seedling
Tender texture with strong flavour, contains rich sulforaphane
  Red Komatsuna Seedling
Fresh and juicy, contains rich calcium and vitamins


Ice Plant

Crispy and mild salty taste, contains special nutrients myoinositol, pinitol and β-carotene
Ideal and trendy ingredient for dishes.

Watercress seedling

With distinctive spicy taste, rich in vitamins and minerals
Ideal and trendy ingredient for dishes.


Retail & wholesale

Products Cup Box Pack
Ice Plant    
Watercress Seedling    

We are looking for partners in catering business for promoting the use of hydroponic veggies.
Interested parties can contact VMO at 2387 4164.